Squash Blossom Shawl

Fresh off the needles - Squash Blossom Shawl


Then it turned into something amazing...the yarn bloomed and became fabric.  

Waxed Canvas

I've been eyeing the beautiful waxed canvas bags on other knitting sites and thought "I can make one of those".

Giant Bag of Wool

There's something really special about holding a skein (or a giant bag!) of mill spun yarn that can be traced back to a single farm and sometimes a single animal.

How Does Wool Get to Yarn?

How do you go from a dirty fleece straight off of the sheep to the beautiful yarn that you can hold in your hands? It’s a long, but rewarding process.

Why Range Wool?

Choosing a name is not an easy endeavor.  I wanted something that spoke about the beauty of the Pacific Northwest, the farmers who are a part of the landscape, and the animals who live here.