Range Backpack

from Noodlehead Patterns

I’ve been on a bit of a bag sewing kick lately and really enjoying Noodlehead’s patterns.  When I saw the Range Backpack pattern, I knew I wanted to sew it with a few twists.

My tried and true REI backpack from my high school days is showing it’s age…and desperate need of a wash…(although I still love it!).  Time for a new backpack…with a few added extras that aren’t in the Range Backpack pattern.

Since I never go anywhere without a water bottle, I wanted an exterior pocket for easy convenience.  It slotted right in easily between the front center panel and the side.

Having completed the Noodlehead Explorer Tote recently, I loved the look of the front closure strap, so substituted the rounded smaller closure for the strap/buckle on the Range pattern.

I thought I’d be clever and try the pack with actual padded backpack straps.  I traced the pattern from a current backpack.  While they looked nice, they weren’t comfortable to wear.  So, those came off and I went with the original pattern straps.  They work great!

I did do a padded back panel just to add more structure to the pack, even though I did use this awesome Spoonflower canvas print.

The Range is designed to be just open at the top and then fold over.  I really like to pack my backpack, so I put in a side zipper.  Now I can unzip it all the way to the bottom for maximum packing ability.  This zipper was once part of my grandmother’s collection of zippers…she cut out zippers from clothing past its prime and recycled them to a new garment.  I love thinking of her when I look at this bag!

The inside has the original pocket and I added a pocket to hold an iPad…convenient for those travel trips and kids.

Super pattern – easy to follow and fun to customize.

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