Shearing Day at Green Mantis Farm

Yarn from Green Mantis’s sheep is available in our shop.

On a snowy and cold day, we drove out to Green Mantis Farm in Chewelah, Washington to help with their shearing day.  We arrived early and were able to help set up the skirting tables, direct the shearer into the barn and get things in place.  Ann had all of her tags labeled and spread out to label each fleece as it came off of the sheep along with a quick dose of medicine.

Many people came to share the event and it had the feeling of a party – with sheep!  The day started by sorting the sheep by fleece color, starting with the white fleeces.  They were corralled down the shoot and then one at a time brought out to be sheared by Martin.  After shearing, they were let go to enjoy fresh hay and alfalfa and enjoy their new haircuts.

Each fleece was then collected from the floor and tossed onto the skirting table.  Together we skirted each fleece, commenting on the unique characteristics and beautiful quality.  Then each fleece was rolled and put into a large plastic bag accompanied by its label detailing which sheep it originated from and it’s heritage.

I couldn’t resist the beautiful fleeces and several made their way home in the back of our car.  The yarn produced from these amazing Blue Faced Leister/Border Leister sheep is unparalleled.  You can buy some in our shop here.

It was an amazing day on the farm…I’m so grateful we were able to be a part of shearing day at Green Mantis.

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