Timberline…I really do love Brooklyn Tweed and their patterns.  If you don’t know the story behind their yarn, you should check it out…they are also into the American yarn.  They do a wonderful job with layout and photo shoots.  Each time new BT pattern collection comes out I find myself drawn to several patterns.

In reality, I find myself actually knitting BT patterns for the men in my life.  A few years ago I knit the Bradbury  for my husband as a Christmas gift.  It is a great pattern and definitely true love…knitting a fingering weight sweater in man-size.  Turned out well with a few tweaks here and there.

I find myself drawn again to another Brooklyn Tweed pattern for my Range Wool grey Olson Family Farm yarn.  Timberline is destined for another guy in my life…my little brother.  Unfortunately for me as a knitter (not so much for him) he’s decidedly much taller now than I and not so “little”, but still my brother.  He is extremely sweater worthy and long overdue for a sweater knit in Range Wool.  Over the years he’s received various knit-wear from me and wears them with gusto.  Living in the metro downtown area of Seattle, I think the Timberline will fit the bill perfectly.

As he says, “if you’re going to wear a hand knit sweater, you kind of want it to be overdone”.  Timberline is beautiful…cable-y, shawl collared, and warm.  I’m sure it’ll be the perfect outer layer in the Seattle fall/winter weather.

With any yarn, but especially with Range Wool, swatching is important.  I was so excited to knit up my swatch in this yarn.  It swatched well, but I wasn’t quite sold on it until I gave it that magical soak…

Then it turned into something amazing…the yarn bloomed and became fabric.  All the little holes in the swatch (which I originally thought might be the wrong size needle) filled in and fluffed together.  The cables came to life and popped.

It’s going to be a great Timberline.

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