Waxed Canvas

I’ve been busily swatching and winding all of this Olson Family Farm grey yarn.  It’s tidily tucked into my newly sewed project bag….well, there may actually be two of them.  I’ve been eyeing the beautiful waxed canvas bags on other knitting sites and thought “I can make one of those”.  Since our local fabric store doesn’t sell waxed canvas, and I definitely wanted mine to be out of waxed canvas; 1)  I’ve never sewn with it before, and 2)  I enjoy the challenge of recreating things that I have seen in real life or online…I ended up ordering the fabric online.

The package arrived…it was huge.  My family all were chomping at the bit to see what could possibly be so amazing as to come in a box five feet long and five inches wide.  Once they learned it was fabric they were less ecstatic, but when I opened it, it was perfect.  The waxed canvas comes wrapped on long tubes (hence the giant box) so as to keep the waxed canvas from folding.  The tubes also double as great tunnels for racing toy cars down.  Part of the charm of waxed canvas is the pateen or wear that it gains as you use it.

After researching and deciding on my project bag dimensions, I set out to cut the waxed canvas.  It was so easy to do with just my rotary cutter.  I did end up folding it in half in order to get it to fit on my cutting board, but it worked out well.  To remove crease marks a warm iron with a towel between the iron and canvas works well.  Once the pieces were cut, I plotted how I would lay them out and sew them.

My perfect project bag has plenty of room at the bottom for balls of yarn (as my favorite thing to knit tends to be sweaters and there are plenty of balls of yarn), a slot for my knitting pattern folded in half, a pencil slot, a slot for my phone, and a spot for my car keys.  I keep a knitting project in the car at all times, “just in case”, and often I will ditch my purse and bring in my project bag…hence the need for a phone slot and car keys.  It’s perfect for piano lessons, ball games, and school board meetings.

The bag is done and I love it!  The first one turned out slightly smaller than I thought…it was my first time attempting French seams and I love the outcome.  But it did leave the dimensions smaller than I had planned.  Turns out this project bag is going to be destined for my ‘easy to knit’ projects in the car.  I did sew up a slightly larger bag that I am going to use for sweater knitting…and it’s lovely.  All the same spots, improved since I “learned” on the first bag, and is sitting ready to go with my freshly wound skeins.  More on these skeins destiny soon…

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